Class Struggle

Good Afternoon,

A few weeks ago I was at Newcastle Airport, sitting at the gate ready to board a Jet2 flight to Heraklion, surveying the wealth of tattoos, false eyelashes and celebrity hairstyles, and suddenly feeling all of my 46 years.

Dwell Time
Dwell Time…

Unlike most other low-costs Jet2 should be congratulated for assigning seats during check-in in an effort to avoid the boarding scrum, a phenomenon revealing the true contempt in which some airlines hold their passengers.  That said, gate staff still must engage stealth mode close to boarding time lest sudden movement cause a stampede of eager passengers and result in the death of someone disadvantaged by being polite.

On this particular day the game was up, a plane load of punters smelt fear and rushed forward as one, only to then stand shuffling pointlessly in line, fiddling with their self-printed boarding passes – proof that CSE origami was worthwhile after all…

These days getting on a bus is more civilised than taking a low-cost flight and it’s not all the result of exploding underwear fetishists, and the legion dangerous idiots with guns, knives and nail clippers.

As regional airports go, Newcastle is one of the best yet surely there are ways that don’t cost the earth for airlines and airports to make flying economy a pleasanter experience.  BAA is being forced to sell Stansted by the Competition Commission and Ryanair has expressed interest – don’t all clap at once.  Surely a case of being careful what you wish for…

If anyone has bright, ideas feel free to comment – I’ll post suggestions here.

Have a good week.

Website of the Week  – This piece of radio is from 2010, and you may have heard it already.  However, there’s little to touch an Irishman when he’s inspired, so listen and enjoy the Republic’s President Michael Higgins as he exhorts Tea Party ‘shock jock’ Michael Graham to ‘be proud to be a decent American rather than just being a wanker whipping up fear…’

Author: Nick Redmayne

Travel Writer, Consultant

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